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  •   Joe writes, “My wife has fibromyalgia and I have read several books on the subject. They all talk about being sick. Yours is very different, it is about getting well.”

  •   "I have not been able to sleep for a long time. The first night I did Lance’s video I slept like a baby. I now do this every night to get a good night’s sleep."   ~Rhonda R

  •   "I was given a copy of Lance Hendricks' video, “Fibromyalgia-Keys to Recovery,” after suffering from fibromyalgia for approximately 16 years and after seeing ten or more physical therapists who used everything from massage to electrical muscle stimulation machines. Practicing the stretching exercises and self-massage while following Hendricks’ fibromyalgia video has done more to help me and to ease the muscle pain than any other physio-therapy I have experienced. The soft tones of voice and the slow exercises do a great deal to relax the body and enable some of the held pain to dissipate in an easy, slow manner. The healing environment experienced from watching the video while exercising and practicing movements becomes almost addictive as it is such a break from the stresses of life and of handling continual pain."   ~Carol M

  •   Pat writes, “Reluctantly I agreed to see Lance Hendricks because my daughter (a physician assistant), her internist, and my specialist thought he might be able to relieve some of my pain. I was not convinced, but as I began to talk to Lance, I changed my mind. In my fibro-fog with pain breaking through the medications, I heard him say, “Yes there is help and hope-if you will help yourself by following a simple plan consisting of lymphatic massage and exercise.” All I really heard is the word hope. No one had ever uttered that word to me or given me any indication of it since I had been diagnosed with fibromyalgia. I consistently do massage and the exercises on the video. If I miss, I know it! I had to practically crawl down the stairs to my first Montana Physical Therapy session, but now I can comfortably walk up and down stairs, and can also do most normal activities. I no longer depend on four pain medications, I eat healthy and take an occasional pain pill when I overdo.” 

  •   "Lance Hendricks has been my physical therapist on occasion for a number of years, treating me for chronic thoracic and cervical pain related to fibromyalgia.  It was thrilling to me when Lance incorporated his successful techniques into a video.  This  now enables me to implement these techniques myself, using his prescribed exercises and self-massage at home on a daily basis.  I have found that I am more flexible, have much less pain, and sleep much better since I've started exercising with the video."   ~Corky K.

  •  "I have a reason to smile again. Before starting this program I was in severe pain 24 hours a day. Unable to sleep, I got up feeling more tired and having more pain than the night before. My young children had to push the grocery cart and lift the food items in and out of the cart. I now have my life back and can do the things that healthy people take for granted. I complete the floor exercise each morning and night, I never miss.  It makes such a big difference for me with sleep, pain, abdominal pain and all of my Fibro symptoms."    ~Debra