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What follows is a section from the book that accompanies the
Fibromyalgia: Keys to Recovery video.
All content copyright Lance Productions, Inc. © 2004.

New Tracks in Fresh Snow

Not far from my home in Billings, Montana is a wild nature preserve called Two Moon Park. In the winter, I love to go cross country skiing in this place before anyone else has made any tracks in the fresh snow. There is something exciting and challenging about making your own tracks rather than following the tracks that others have laid down.

I have approached the making of this video and writing this book from the perspective of making new tracks in fresh snow. Some of the theory and advice contained in this book may seem off the track from conventional medicine.  I would say that while we may be on a different track we are still in the same park.

This book is a companion to the video, Fibromyalgia-Keys to Recovery.  Its purpose is to answer three important questions regarding fibromyalgia:

1.               What is fibromyalgia?

2.               What are the causes of fibromyalgia?

3.               What can be done to recover from fibromyalgia?

These questions are answered from a physical therapist’s perspective. This book contains common sense and insights that have helped many fibromyalgia patients improve their health, take charge of their lives and begin the recovery process from this painful and incapacitating condition.  Much of the information contained in this book has come directly from those who have FMS. This book is not meant to be a scientific treatise regarding all aspects of fibromyalgia, but rather a “Reader’s Digest” version of distilled insights that will help you to conquer this condition.

As I have been writing this book over the past couple of years I have had thoughts come to me at a time when I was prepared to understand them. As you read this book some things will be more meaningful to you when you have the background to receive their full meaning. Another way of saying this is, “When the student is ready, the teacher will appear.”  It is therefore important to read this book more than once.  Each time you read it you will gain new insights and understanding.

The famous author, Samuel Taylor Colridge, said that "the dullest of men could write an interesting book if he would write about his own experiences and be truly honest about his feelings."  For this reason I have included my own personal experiences and impressions. However, in writing some of these things I have felt like you might feel in those dreams when you find yourself in some public place dressed in only your underwear.

The Bible encourages us to “Prove (Greek=Examine, Put to the test) all things; hold fast that which is good.” 1 Thes. 5:21. The application to this book is to try the things that are suggested and use that which is helpful for you. This is good advice for any new ideas or information you obtain, especially as it relates to healthcare. (Don’t forget to spit out the seeds!)

Albert Einstein said, “Raise new questions, explore new possibilities, regard old problems from a new angle.”  My hope is that when you read this book you will say to yourself, “I never thought of it that way before.”

The people whom I have worked with over the past 28 years have given me the insights contained in this book.  If you follow the guidelines contained herein, you will be on the road to recovery from fibromyalgia and chronic pain.